February 26, 2016


At Missing Ingredient, we know that providing excellence in service to our clients largely revolves around the type of team and leadership philosophy that embraces customer needs in an integral manner, allowing us to fully understand what is required in offering the level of service we would come to expect from ourselves.

Our Leadership Team


Joseph CarrJoseph Carr | President, Director of Operations

At Missing Ingredient Joey leads the development of operational plans, product creation, employee retention, customer acquisition and company culture. Specific areas of focus include daily workforce planning, product logistics, and oversee the installation of systems which allow the accomplishment of our business goals and objectives.

Prior to Missing Ingredient, Joey has spent the last 3 years working at several of Bread and Butter Concepts restaurants in an hourly leadership role. Previous experience includes 20 years in the restaurant industry, co-owning an online vinyl record retailer and workforce planning /management for a global logistics company.

Joseph CarrChris Digirolamo | Vice President, Business Development

At Missing Ingredient Chris leads the continuous development and expansion of the business. He works directly with all vendors, contractors and professional services associated with the addition of multiple greenhouse facilities throughout the Kansas City area.

Prior to Missing Ingredient, Chris co-owned a local/ online record store, providing the stable foundation and understanding of how to run a small business. Working at City Hall in a division of the City Manager’s office, Chris gained insight of the inner workings of City Government. As a former manager of Black Coffee and an employee at Urban Table, Chris has experience with procurement, vendor relations, along with catering and delivery.

Joseph CarrJosh Garrett | Vice President, Technical Services and Support

At Missing Ingredient Josh oversees technology design, development, and implementation to best utilize innovative solutions throughout our infrastructure and to further ensure sustainable agriculture initiatives of the company. Areas of focus include development and operation of next generation web technologies to interface with client systems in real-time and on demand. These features provide unique access to our information technology, inventory management, and order processing/fulfillment.

Prior to Missing Ingredient, in addition to holding key positions at VML, IBM, and Sprint MST, Josh co-founded and operated several technology companies, focusing on gaining a competitive advantage in niche markets. Josh is a previous client of the Enterprise Center of Johnson County technology business center and a graduate of Kauffman Foundation’s Tech Venture Program.







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