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Bringing Real Food back to the Dinner Plate
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Located in the Heart of Kansas City - Crossroads for fast, farm-fresh delivery to your Restaurant/Bar, Retail Location, or for Curbside Pickup

About Missing Ingredient

Working hard to provide Kansas City with fresh produce, all year round.
Hyper-Local, Extremely Fresh, Nutritious, Pesticide / Herbicide-Free Produce.

Missing ingredient was founded to help provide hyper-local, extremely fresh, nutritious, pesticide and herbicide free produce to Kansas City and beyond.


To solve the growing problem of unsustainable agriculture by providing year-round local produce production through CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture)


Missing ingredient does all of this by providing hyper-local, extremely fresh, nutritious, pesticide and herbicide free produce. Eating fresh, locally grown, natural produce is important not only for nutritional value, but also for taste! Help us bring real food back to the dinner plate by reminding others of the Missing Ingredient.

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